Sending/withdrawing funds

How to Send funds from your Advcash account?

Sending/Withdrawing Funds with Advcash Wallet

Transfers to other Advcash customers:

You can send funds to a person who does not have an Advanced Cash account yet. Please note that this is not a transfer to PayPal or other systems where emails are used to identify you. You will need to enter the name, second name, and the email of your recipient, as well as the amount. After you confirm the transaction, your recipient will receive an email notification with a link. Clicking that link, they will be able to register an Advanced Cash account. After they register, they will see the amount you sent them in their wallet. There is no fee for sending these transfers. The link in the e-mail notification expires in 48 hours.

To the bank account using SEPA transfer (withdrawing/sending):

Completion: 0-3 business days

Limits - SEPA transfers to your bank account

Min amount EUR 15.00 per transaction. Max amount EUR 10,000.00 per transaction. Max amount EUR 10,000.00 per day. Max amount EUR 50,000.00 for the last 30 days.

E-currency exchange:

Withdraw funds from your Advcash account into your preferred e-currency using an independent exchange provider.

- Specify your exchange parameters, and pick an exchange service. - Click the Go link next to it. It will open the exchange website in a new browser window. - Exchange your funds on the website using your Advanced Cash wallet details.

If you have any questions, please contact your chosen exchange provider

To AdvCash Cards:

Load your ADV card with an instant ADV wallet transfer. You can Pay and withdraw in any currency worldwide with low currency conversion fees.

To VISA/MasterCards:

Completion: 0-3 business days (min fee €5.00)

EUR transfers to Mastercard cards worldwide.

Withdraw Limits

For one transaction: Min amount: 1.00 EUR Max amount: 5,000.00 EUR For one card: Max amount a day: 10,000.00 EUR Max amount a month: 20,000.00 EUR Transactions a day: 5

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