Account Verification

How to verify your Advanced Cash Account - Instruction.

Good to know: Before you get verified, you will be able to make a deposit with crypto. Then, you will be able to send funds to another Adv user, or receive a transfer from another customer. Most of Advcash features require verification. You will also need verification if you would like to order any of Advcash cards.

We recommend verifying your account to take full advantage of the features that Advanced Cash offer. Please note that in certain cases and after certain transactions, Advcash team may request one-time additional verification according to security and fraud prevention policies.

Getting verified is easy and will not take a lot of time. Usually Advcash review all documents within several hours, sometimes it may take a little longer. All the information you submit is protected by Advcash privacy policy. All the data within Advanced Cash is secured against any kind of unauthorised access including gaining physical access to hardware. Submitted documents may be sent to our card vendor within our card program for verification of your card account with them. They are never shared with any other third party.

How to verify Advcash account?

Click Get Access to proceed to verification. To verify your account you will need to upload scans or photos of your document and enter the code you receive to your mobile phone.

  1. Verification of Mobile Phone Number. Please enter your phone number and press "Send code" button to verify your phone number. You will get one time SMS-code with 6 digits in a few minutes or even seconds.

  2. Verify your identity. To confirm your identity, please fill the Identity Verification form and upload photo of your Passport, Driving license or ID card.

Full account verification unlocks all features of your wallet.

What is the difference between personal and business accounts verification?

To verify a business account for a company, you will need to submit a certificate of incorporation for the company, a proof of its legal address, as well as some documents concerning the company's representative. Please check the verification section of your business account for details.

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