Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

3 ways of Buying Cryptocurrencies with AdvCash Wallet

Start buying cryptocurrency on the world's leading exchange Binance using your Advcash wallet.

You can link your Binance Account directly from Advcash user panel. If you do not have Binance account, Advanced Cash create it automatically.

The second option is buying cryptocurrencies or stablecoins directly with funds in any of your Advcash wallets.

Choose a digital asset from the drop-down list and enter the destination wallet address

Each coin or token has its own minimum transaction amount. Max amount USD 10,000.00 per transaction. Min amount BNB 0.2 per transaction.

The third option is buying cryptocurrencies with your credit card. The amount charged from the card will be converted and sent to your crypto wallet right away. Advcash do not charge any card transaction fees. You only pay the crypto network fee. To do this, select the cryptocurrency that interests you and confirm with the select button.

Selling Cryptocurrencies

In the section “Sell Crypto” you can sell crypto and get fiat money to your Advcash wallet.

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