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Data security is priority for Advanced Cash Company. Reliable security system in working with electronic money always involves a comprehensive approach: the software platform must be protected, and the end user must have possibilities to independently and flexibly select the security level settings according to their unique requirements.

Flexible Wallet Security Level

  • Intelligent identification

At every login attempt, several parameters are checked. If the system sees any change in your IP address, browser type etc. as suspicious, you will need to receive a security PIN code to your email and enter it to log in.

Advcash recommend that you use this feature in combination with other account protection methods, e.g. a code card, a payment password, or a token.

  • Tied to IP or IP range

Restrict access to your Advcash account to certain IP addresses or a specific IP address range.

  • Payment password

    When this is enabled, Payment Password will be required for money transfers and withdrawals.

Advcash recommend that you use this feature in combination with other account protection methods, e.g. SMS authorization, intelligent identification, IP address restriction.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Both your account and all your transactions will be secured not just with a standard static password, but also with one-time passwords (OTPs) refreshed every 60 seconds. Choose one of 3 types of OTP tokens: hardware keychain token, iOS and Android app or chat bots in Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

    Please note: you can start using the Protectimus app and the messenger bots right after you activate this security feature. We will deliver the Protectimus One keychain token to you via express mail.

  • Code card

You can activate this option to get a code card with reusable codes used for transaction authorization.

The code card is available for downloading immediately after activation. If you lose your code card, you can obtain a new one by contacting customer support.

  • SMS authorization

Enable this identification method if you want to receive a code via SMS every time you log into your account.

Please make sure that your phone number is verified before activating this feature.

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