What is Advcash?

Learn the concepts and architecture of Advanced Cash Ltd

Advanced Cash is a modern payment system where everyone can send or receive payouts, use prepaid cards, deposit and withdraw funds using a variety of easy to use options. Is also one of the most popular electronic payment system, which is actively used in most investment projects. Every day thousands of people all over the world use Advcash to manage their online finances.

Advcash Wallet is an electronic money account which enables to send and receive electronic payments. The adv platform allows to buy cryptocurrencies or stablecoins directly with funds from any of Advcash wallets. It is also fully integrated with the Binance currency exchange. The fiat money held on your Advanced Cash Account does not expire but it will not earn any interest(except for the crypto savings option). You have the right to withdraw funds from your AdvCash Account at any time.

The purpose of this tutorial is to give a general overview of Advanced Cash system and to serve as a starting point for new users of the Advanced Cash wallet. You can find here a collection of tutorials on the basic usage of the Advcash. We recommend reading this document before using AdvCash, so that you can avoid common pitfalls and problems that new users run into. Also, make sure that you go over the General FAQ which answers most common questions about the ADV Cash account and highlights things to watch out for.

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