Creating an account

Learn how to register an AdvCash account.

Good to know: In order to use Advanced Cash Wallet you must first open an Account by registering your details on: Creating an Advcash account is free, simple and can be register in a minimum of time

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to register Advcash account.

  1. Create Account by clicking "Sign up Now" button in the right top corner of the webiste.

2. During signup you will be asked whether you intend to use your Advcash Account for private or business purposes. If you have any intention to use your Advcash Account for business purposes, you should choose a Business option.

3. Enter your First name, Last name, Email and a Secure Password.

4. Then drag the slider to the right and click Register buttom.

5. And that's it, all done! Now You can access your wallet on the

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